About Dan

Dan Davenport
Photo by Molly Davenport

Dan began his professional career in 1978 as a freelance photographer.  His freelance work evolved into a business which he calls Photo Restorations of Cincinnati, specializing in special event photography, theatrical and performing arts photography, museum quality copy work and table top photography, on location shoots for print and electronic publications, commissioned  portraiture, biomedical and research photography, custom black and white lab services, restoration of old photographs, and sales of his B&W and color photographic prints.

Over the past 42 years, Dan has photographed people and places not only in the greater Cincinnati area but also wherever his travels and work have taken him. His photos have been featured in local as well as national and international publications, such as Costruire In Laterizio, Discover Magazine, Nature Magazine, Science Magazine, Fodor Travel Guides, Cincinnati Magazine, MD News, The Cincinnati Enquirer, The Cincinnati Herald, The Business Courier and The Louisville Courier Journal. Dan lives in Cincinnati, Ohio.